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Congratulations to the casts of "MARY POPPINS!"   We are so proud of you! 


Registration begins forFALL 2015!

Classes begin Sept. 11/12.

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One-week summer workshop

Aug. 17-21

Ages 5-middle school

Monday - Friday


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Stage Right's JR. Theater Games 

Next workshop Aug. 17-21

Ages 5-9.

Monday - Friday 11-1pm

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Prep class is the 'behind the scenes class' at Stage Right.  In Prep, students have a chance to understand and prepare for all the tasks that need to take place offstage.  Students prepare costumes, props, highlight scripts, take headshots, etc.


  For more information:

  Call/Text:  201-207-3525


  Location:  Ridgewood, NJ

  Musical Theater Workshops 

Contact us: 201-207-3525 or
FOR QUICKEST RESPONSE:  TEXT us at 201-207-3525

Stage Right's dance classes change each semester depending on the selection of the show.  Some shows require more intensive dancing, while others may have a theme or style that is important to focus on for the semester.  All levels of dance are welcome and will feel successful.

Stage Right's vocal instructors take time to make sure students know how to properly use their voices.  Through warm up activities and vocal strategies that guide students to breathe and use their tools properly, each child can improve his/her vocal quality.

Drama classes use theater games and improvisational skills to begin developing the skills of performers.  Students are evaluated during the first three classes to determine their ability.  Students continue to learn while working on their role for the production.