Stage Right 

Musical Theater For Ages 4 - 14


During the Fall and Spring Musical Theater Workshops, every child is cast or given a role in the workshop production.  Every child's role will allow him/her to sing, dance and act for the upcoming performance.

Casting is determined by many factors and it's taken very seriously by the Stage Right staff in order to provide each child with a role that is best for him or her.  

During the first three weeks of the workshop, the staff introduces new material from a selected Broadway show in each discipline (drama, dance, music and prep).  Students are evaluated on how they handle the material given, the growth they show each week during review, their ability to focus, follow directions, ask questions for clarification and their work ethic.  

The staff then meets to share the information gathered about each child.  The goal of the staff is to assign a role for each child that will provide a chance for more growth and a challenge of some kind, as well as one the student will be successful with during the workshop.