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Each workshop is designed to be a small cast experience, which allows students more individualized attention and opportunities to perform.   Class sizes are limited. 

Grades Pre-K - Grade 1 Workshops

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Students in our older program work in small casts to allow each student their opportunity to grow and build confidence with their skill set.  The material selected for them is primarily to allow 'safe challenges'.  Each semester is a chance to grow as a performer and stretch outside his/her comfort zone.  

Students develop their skills and continue to build upon them.  Some children may have discovered their 'passion' for the arts by this age and others are still exploring.  Whether a child dreams of being a performer or finds performing to be a fun way to express himself/herself, the workshops are created to provide a wide range of opportunities for all students.  All levels are welcome!

These workshops designed to meet the needs of our youngest performers. Students are introduced to performing arts skills in a safe and fun environment that allows them to explore and take risks. 

Grades 5-8 Workshops

Grades 2-4 Workshops